Montag, 4. März 2024



blog_sheilacom.jpg OR blog_videopix

You can choose between two english pages of me..

1. Read the monthly blog about my adventures with insider tips and tricks for Berlin visitors. Restaurant and Club Infos of the queer Berlin.

2. Take a look on my english video blog – a drag-burlesque-tube. You can find all the great queer and burlesque entertainment of Berlin and Germany

3. Google Translation: Translate all the stuff of my website with just one click.

But i think the Translation-Tool of Google can’t understand my Berlin accent… so all you will get is an Germ-Lish. Its funny and you can learn a little bit of our mystic german trannywords. Here are some examples: Alte Transe = old Tranny Maedels = “young” T-Girls Normalos = society around us (but i think no one is normal ;-) DWT = Man who wear womans lingerie without style ;-) Zicke = bitchy person Kulturtaeschchen = Makeup pouch WURSCHT = I don’t give damn shit! Geplaenkel = means BLA BLA BLA nothing important to say TG-Göre= bold Transgender Girl (cheeky) I will update that list as often i can. So stay tuned. … hope you can understand 15% of what i mean. Thanks for Reading. 

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